See how other people like you and your customers reduce false alerts and provide real-time actionable intelligence for monitoring centers and other security professionals with ROG.

“ROG paid for itself from day one.

We originally added ROG to replace our overnight patrol service but found that by deploying the ROG Mobile App to our standing guards during the day, we not only saved on our security cost at night but gave our guards greater visibility during the day.”

Shaun, Security Director

Premium Auto Storage.

An auto storage business was looking to improve security for the high-priced automobiles in their facility. With surveillance cameras throughout the site, 20 were licensed for use with ROG. Guards are now able to be alerted and see live video from any of the cameras, regardless of their location.

ROG is integrated with a monitoring center which receives only AI-verified ROG SmartAlerts. ROG maintains maximum surveillance, even after hours when guards onsite or on patrol are reduced.

The customer saves ~$24,000 annually, while the guard agency increased their own profit by ~$12,000.

Apartment Complex.

A property manager for a multi-family apartment complex uses ROG Protect for their security enhancement needs. 

The complex was experiencing issues with vandalism and public nuisance incidents in their common areas after hours. ROG was added to several cameras onsite as the solution. 

ROG AI-verified SmartAlerts are now sent whenever people are detected after hours loitering in the facility’s BBQ area. This allows passersby to proceed uninterrupted through the area without tripping an alarm, and ROG alerts are sent only when actual loiterers are detected.

Use of ROG has greatly cut down on the number of resident complaints received by property management, & has resulted in a much happier resident community overall.


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Car Dealership.

An auto dealer customer uses ROG to create a time-based restricted area around a set of high value cars in a separate showroom on the property. When one or more people enter that building, ROG sends an AI-verified alert to the sales staff. The loitering alert is set for when someone spends over 90 seconds in the showroom area looking at the vehicles.

The dealership also uses ROG restricted area alerts to notify sales & operations staff whenever someone enters any of the other defined areas across the property.

Both situations provide real value to the auto dealership, without requiring the cost of added security guards or staff.

“Having them [ROG] watch over our site all night for the same price as just one [patrol] drive-by meant I no longer had to worry about what was happening when no one was there.”

– Matt, Property Manager

Manufacturing Campus.

A ROG customer’s light manufacturing campus covers over 5 acres across 10 buildings on public streets.

The customer uses ROG intelligent fences – a combination of ROG Restricted Areas, Virtual Walls, & the time-based Loitering Area function – established all over their campus to monitor overnight access with fewer guards than previously used.

Over the course of the first few months, the security department was able to monitor & prevent all unauthorized entries in a highly effective manner thanks to use of ROG.

At the same time, the customer saved $58,000 annually on reduced security expenses by using ROG.

School Campus.

A large school campus was contracted for a standing guard posted 7 AM – 11 PM each day. School administrators needed to add 7 day-a-week overnight coverage, but did not have the budget for another standing guard.

Instead, 18 existing surveillance cameras were licensed with ROG, & AI-verified alerts are now provided to the guard agency. A patrol guard responds to ROG AI-verified incidents, while the school gained the greatly enhanced security that they desired.

By using ROG, the guard agency added $1,800 monthly recurring revenue. The school also benefited strongly, saving ~$32,000 a year over traditional guard services.

“Since I began adding ROG to my bids, I’m winning more deals and I’m growing my top line revenue providing after hours services to sites that were not previously able to afford night guards.”

–  Andrew, Guard Agency Owner

Home Owners Association.

A gated, 135-acre planned community was using an onsite guard 24×7 at the gated vehicle entrance, supported by one roving patrol.

Unfortunately, the community can also be entered via a public access bridge, with resulting nighttime security challenges. It was not financially feasible to have enough guards to monitor all entry points.

A competing guard service instead proposed a ROG solution to support the 2 contract guard roles plus covering other access points, winning the competition. The new contract for ~$26,000/month represented less than a 2% fee increase per guard hour, but with much more coverage.

23 existing cameras onsite are now licensed with ROG Protect to cover the bridge, club house, common areas, gym, & pool area, providing the enhanced security throughout the property that the HOA desired.


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Gated Garage.

An urban apartment complex was experiencing continued security challenges with its gated garage.  Despite having a patrol guard, fenced perimeter, warning signs, & surveillance cameras, unauthorized people were frequently accessing the property when vehicles entered or exited via the automated garage doors. 

Once inside, people were able to break into or damage cars, access bicycle storage, vandalize the property, steal from the recycling bins, enter the complex grounds, & threaten residents, becoming a critical safety & security issue.

The property manager added ROG to monitor several existing surveillance cameras, one of which issues AI-verified alerts whenever a person loiters outside the garage. The others watch additional locations throughout the complex.

ROG virtual walls and loitering alerts are also used to detect people onsite when and where they shouldn’t be and issue AI-verified alerts. The problems quickly disappeared, as did resident complaints & safety issues. 

County Water Agency.

A U.S. county agency is responsible for the water resources in their state territory, including ground & surface bodies of water, a lake, flood management, & environmental services.

Within the wide range of their responsibilities, the agency also was dealing with security & safety challenges. One building on the property was alarmed, but continued to suffer from stolen equipment & vandalism outside the structure.

Adding a full-time guard service was not considered cost effective or practical due to the location.  

An alarm integrator instead licensed 4 cameras with ROG Protect for the site. ROG immediately began to watch over the property, and was able to notify a patrol guard service to respond to AI-verified alerts in real-time. 

In implementing the ROG solution, the integrator met the customer’s safety and security objectives while increasing their own site revenue by 10X.

Exclusive Hotel Resort.

A five-star resort hotel complex on a remote island in the Republic of Mauritius off the coast of Africa was under immediate security threat.

While the high-end resort property uses an onsite international armed guard service to ensure the protection & safety of their guests, staff, & property, there were continued security, surveillance, & response time challenges & issues.  

The security service contacted ROG, & immediately signed up to be an authorized partner. The same day, they connected via a laptop with using the Google Chrome web browser to the ROG secure cloud, and received online training.

Despite being well over 11,000 miles from ROG HQ in California, the security service connected their first camera that same night. Perimeter security at a gate access point was immediately online, augmenting their armed security force.