ROG AI Cloud Service Options

ROG believes in keeping it simple.  There are no long term contracts, and no hardware or software to buy. 

ROG is billed on a monthly, per-camera license basis.  Two individual license categories are available – ROG Verify and ROG Protect. Use individually or combine in any mix for a ROG Complete solution.

Reduce false alerts from video cameras and improve situational awareness with ROG.


For Monitoring Centers, Remote Guarding Agencies

False alerts eliminated

Wasted time eliminated

Monitoring software integrated

Operational in minutes

Workflow unchanged

No training

Nothing to buy/install

Restricted area alerts

Customer cameras supported

Reduces monitoring center workload & costs while improving response times


For Guard Agencies, Security Departments

AI watches cameras

Extra eyes 24/7

Anytime/anywhere viewing

Smartphone, computer interfaces

Minimal training

Nothing to buy/install

Restricted area, loitering, virtual wall alerts

Most cameras supported

Force multiplier enhances security, safety, & situational awareness


Combine Verify and Protect

Leverage monitoring, enhanced alerting, live viewing 

Verify: Cameras with alerting

Protect: Cameras without alerting

Protect: Cameras with too many alerts

Blend for best mix of capabilities & affordability to meet security goals


See how much you save in labor costs when you reduce false alerts from video cameras.

Common questions

Do you restrict any features with a free trial?

Nope. All standard features are included so you that can experience the many benefits & ease-of-use of ROG in a 14-day,  risk-free, and no-charge trial. 

Any hidden charges?

ROG has no hidden charges, no minimum order size, no cancellation fees, and no gimmicks. The more cameras you license, the lower the price per camera. You can cancel anytime, but we think you won’t want to.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

Do you offer yearly plans?

We like to keep things simple, and bill per camera license month-to-month without requiring any long term commitment.


We guarantee that you will see a dramatic drop in false alarms during the first 14 days of the free ROG challenge… or the next 14 days are free, too.