We guarantee that you will see a dramatic drop in false alarms during the first 14 days of the free ROG challenge… or the next 14 days are free, too. 


Stop false alerts.

Eliminate most false alerts caused by passersby, weather, wind, light, water, animals, objects, & vehicles, so a human never wastes time viewing and clearing them.

Grow with new customers.

Accept more business, even from customers whose cameras generate too many bad alerts or are unable to generate any alerts at all.

100% cloud based.

No equipment to buy, install, or maintain.

Never miss an event.

ROG never… Gets distracted; Is late for work; Asks for time off; or Gets paid overtime. ROG watches uninterrupted, 24/7.


ROG improves operator morale to reduce turnover.

Between 30 to 95% of video alarms are false, depending upon camera equipment, settings, location, lighting, animals, and weather. 

  • With ROG, humans see only verified alerts, without the avalanche of false alerts they can receive today

Use ROG with existing software.

ROG integrates quickly with popular tool choices for monitoring centers.

  • ROG doesn’t disrupt your workflow or require new software, equipment, or training 

Increase customer satisfaction with ROG.

Overloaded operators can miss or have delayed responses to valid alerts.

  • ROG eliminates false alarms for improved response times with no missed alerts for happy customers


See how much you save in labor costs when you reduce false alerts from video cameras.

Grow your business with ROG.

Add customers and cameras that you previously declined for creating false alerts or were unable to issue alerts at all.

  • ROG identifies and issues only verified alerts for action

Add live video when needed with ROG.

ROG can bring live video from most customer cameras to whoever & whenever its needed.


  • ROG enables alerting & live actionable video from cameras to smartphones, tablets, computers, and monitoring centers