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ROG” (pronounced like “Rogue” or /r-oh’g/), is an acronym for “Remote Operating Guards”.  We’re entirely focused on the needs of the security industry, using technology to empower security professionals and other users to be able to do their work better, smarter, and faster.

We call it “going ROG“.

ROG delivers video intelligence for security professionals. To make that happen, we’ve built an advanced neural network architecture employing machine vision, which we offer as a 100% cloud-based service. 

In creating ROG, we leveraged the proven expertise of team members, advisors, and customers from across the security, law enforcement, systems integration, IT, cloud, and Artificial Intelligence disciplines, an effort that continues today as part of our ongoing product development activities. 

We’ve used what we learned to reduce false alerts from video cameras and provide actionable video intelligence for security professionals.

Today, ROG is used by a growing community of monitoring centers, guard agencies, property managers, business owners, and security departments to reduce their security costs while improving situational awareness, overall safety, and security for themselves, their teams, and their clients.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more, discover how you can offer ROG to your customers, find a ROG partner, or use ROG for your own business.


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We guarantee that you will see a dramatic drop in false alarms during the first 14 days of the free ROG challenge… or the next 14 days are free, too.