We Reduce False Alerts From Video Cameras

Stop spending money and wasting time handling false alarms. False alerts from video cameras are toxic to your organization’s culture and bottom line. 

See how many false alerts ROG will eliminate for you.



See how much you save in labor costs when you reduce false alerts from video cameras.

Reduce False Alarms

ROG analyzes each alarm using advanced artificial intelligence before it gets to your monitoring center or video guarding service. 

By verifying if an alarm is a true-positive or a false-positive, ROG is able to cut down dramatically on what is sent through for the operator to see.

“In our first night of trying ROG, we cut out 768 false alerts from a single monitored tractor storage site. 

This represented a 96.8% drop in alerts our operators had to clear that night.  I’ve never seen such a happy shift.”

Alex – Monitoring Operations

Deploy in Minutes

ROG is 100% cloud based.  There is nothing to buy or install.  You simply point the camera feed or alerts to ROG’s cloud server and ROG handles the rest. 

ROG analyzes the video stream or alarm images and sends real alerts back to your monitoring software.

“The ROG team showed us how to send alerts from our cameras into ROG.

In less than 15 minutes we were up and running with real alerts going straight into our monitoring center software.”

Roy – President

Works with all types of cameras.

ROG is super flexible and can work with pretty much any type of camera. 

In fact, ROG can even create alerts for cameras that can’t generate their own.

”Before ROG, we used to turn down around 40% of all business because the customer’s cameras either created really bad alerts or couldn’t generate any alerts. 

We can now take on that business since ROG can either analyze alerts from a camera or the entire video feed to send an alert when there is an issue that needs to be addressed.”

Nancy – Universal


We guarantee that you will see a dramatic drop in false alarms during the first 14 days of the Free ROG 14-Day Challenge... or the next 14 days are free, too.


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